Inspired by a strong interest in 'throwback' and vintage gear on college campuses, we set out to provide fashionable vintage clothing for you to sport at your next tailgate. All items show limited signs of wear, ensuring only the highest quality of clothing reaches your hands.

While walking around the campus of the University of Michigan, a number of students asked me about my vintage Michigan sweatshirts and hats. This repeated interest pushed me to develop my interest into a business model and led me to create University Vintage, an avenue that gives college fans the ability to purchase a wide-ranging variety of their school's vintage gear. By creating University Vintage, I hope to spread and share my passion for vintage clothing with others. The products we provide range from sweatshirts to t-shirts, with brands ranging from Adidas to Nike. All of the products listed have been previously owned, but only items with minimal wear are being listed to ensure we deliver only the highest quality items. 

We hope that you are satisfied with your experience with us!

Please email maxwhipple17@gmail.com with any questions or comments.

Max Whipple

Max is a Junior at the University of Michigan and the founder of University Vintage. He created UV to share his love for vintage collegiate wear with others and to promote school spirit through University Vintage's merchandise.

Shane Perlin

Shane is a third-year student at the University of Michigan and honored to be working with University Vintage. He has been collecting vintage clothing since he was 14 and loves finding rare and unique pieces.